Wednesday, May 14, 2008

you're lame now

Too much going on? I can find so many excuses. I remember reading some one's comments about blogging in which they were struggling to understand how they could think about all kinds of things to write about, but never find the time (or develop the discipline) to sit down and write.

Hell, a lame blog is better than no blog. I could go back to filling store-bought journals with bad poetry and lame short stories. OK, maybe they're not that lame.

I'm a little geeked up for the WRT 307 I'm teaching this summer. I absolutely love this course -- especially in the hybrid format (one week residence, the rest online). It's the first course that the SU WP offered me way back in 2001. And while it's similar to the ENG 218 I teach for JCC, the curriculum allows for more application of big R Rhetoric and little r rhetoric. I'm going try using the Blackboard virtual classroom for online office hours. I've instructed faculty for years in how to effectively use the tool, but I've never done it myself (those who teach....).

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