Tuesday, May 20, 2008

gotta make the donuts

5:30 - pop up like toast
5:45 - remind H what time it is
6:00 - downstairs, email, OJ, vitamin, H's harsh tarry-like coffee (which she loves)
6:05 - make sure D is up and in the shower. He's taking a Summer I bio - that's five days a week on campus
6:06 - toggle between Sports Center and Robin Meade (depending on what she's wearing)
6:30 - get S out of the sack for his 30 minutes "I'm a teenager" ritual
6:35 - empty the dishwasher
6:55 - finish making S's breakfast, watch D pace the room to make sure he has everything for class
7:00 - remind D to put gas in his car and drive safe
7:05 - serve S his breakfast, kiss H goodbye, and discuss diner plans as she flurries out the door
7:15 - clean up breakfast stuff, get S upstairs to brush his teeth and play with his hair
7:29.01 - remind S that the bus comes at 7:30
7:30 - ask S to make sure he has lunch money as he struts out the door

By the time I get to work most days, I feel like I've run five miles. The sad part: I would love to be able to run five miles. I know it gets easier. At least, that's what I was promised.

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