Monday, March 3, 2008

nature of the game

Watching WVU spank Pitt. Left wondering what could have been had Harris been able to hold onto the ball, had the Orange not squandered an 11 point lead, had the freshmen not had to step up so early because of injuries.

Back in the early days of the Big East, I didn't like SU much. Hell, when you can throw a rock and hit The Hall or the Johnnies' house, there isn't much need to pull for SU. Now, for obvious reasons, I tend to raise a big orange fan finger every now and then (but never against The Hall, Rutgers, or the Red MEN).

Wed. they play, who else, the Seton Hall Pirates. A terrible team, yes (they've been "rebuilding" since Tommy Amaker bailed on them). Do I hope SU wins just for a shot at the show. Maybe if Uncle Jim smiled once in a while? They'll still have to make a nice run through the Big East tournament, RPI be damned.

Oh the simple pleasures of sport.

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