Monday, December 31, 2007

not quite january

December wasn't too bad up here snow wise. H kept saying that we'll get it all in January. Today we have about three or so inches of heart attack snow.

Heart attack snow

When we lived in Utah, we rarely got the wet, heavy, good-for-snowball-fight snow. I remember once when we did get an unseasonably wet snow. I watched a friend talk up a female co-worker in the break room -- small talk to avoid doing anything productive. He was from Kentucky and babbled on about how he never had to shovel snow that heavy... about how he now knew why they call it "heart attack snow." Our female co-worker looked at him unimpressed and told him her dad had died of a heart attack shoveling snow a few years ago. She was from Wisconsin. I don't know if she was telling the truth (I thought everyone in Wisconsin owned a snow blower), but it had the effect she was no doubt looking for. My friend stopped talking to her for a long time.

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