Monday, March 30, 2009

cardinal rule

No, not this Cardinal. They cost me my two top five brackets. Well, them and Pitt. I'm happy to see two Big East teams in the FF. I do like MSU. Have always enjoyed Izzo's style. And there's something about their colors and perpetual underdog status.

So back to the Cardinal: This guy is friggin' unconscious. Is he the greatest athlete of our time? How does he do it time and again? The Cardinal thing? He's a Stanford grad, of course.

That's all cool, but it's not what inspired me today. This weekend I glimpsed two cardinals, as well as a backyard full of robins. Not fat momma robins -- not yet. It is Spring though, and they're all back. The air smells green. The snow is gone (crossing fingers). April showers will bring mud season. Opening day for trout is two short days away.

Yes, even with my brackets in a smoking heap, it is still the most wonderful time of the year.

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