Tuesday, November 18, 2008

stupid statements - tell me i'm a moron

The argument Bob makes here is ridiculous and on a certain level quite insulting. His framework assumes that once an IT decision, strategy, policy, etc. is made (in his case, aligned with the business), it doesn't or cannot change. Maybe Bob has been blathering too long for pay.

The other thing that irks me about Bob's article is that I actually read it. I can't help but think he intentionally made a round of stupid comments to increase traffic to his blog. I've had similar suspicions about Nicolas Carr. I feel many of those suspicions have been validated by his recent apologist qualifications of his claim-to-fame deflating of the CIO and all strategic value relating to IT.

I know it's the nature of this navel gazing game. It reminds me of this most excellent comment on the state of online social space and the need to be heard.

It's a big void Bob. I recommend screaming loader, longer, and with a bit more ignorance.

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