Friday, June 20, 2008

oh loathsome blogger

Fantastic gaps in my writing. Same old excuses. Some catch up: WRT 307 is clicking along. It's a lively bunch in that the discussions are rich with the students' personal examples and lively in that the discussions deviate a bit from the routine, "I also too agree" blather. It's still early in the semester, but I'm hopeful they can sustain the activity. I've not found it necessary to get involved in the discussion yet (although I do fight the the urge). The podcasts seem to be well-received. I haven't heard from any students that they'd prefer the ol' textual responses and feedback.

Attending the NYS Tech Summit yesterday and today. My overall assessment: plenty lame. The vendor displays are all hardware/network wiring related, which should be expected since CableExpress is the sponsor. The presentations are mostly sales-pitchy. I actually found myself nodding off in one this morning. I need to be more selective with these types of conferences. I used to go for the workshop/instructional conferences, but that was when I was doing hardcore tech com. It's harder to justify those now. Maybe something next year.

Must catch up on my reading, which almost always leaves me with something to write about.

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