Thursday, June 21, 2012

Brasseur, Lee. “Contesting the objectivist paradigm: gender issues in the technical and professional communication curriculum.” Central Works in Technical Communication. Eds. Johnson-Eilola, Johndan and Stuart A. Selber. Oxford: Oxford UP, 2005. 475-489.
Brasseur ties in nicely to Herndal at this point. Her principle concern: The rationalist and objectivist traditions of technical communication neglect “othered” voices. Specific to feminist theory – “These critics hope to replace a discourse model which emphasizes expediency at the expense of social and cultural awareness with one that speaks to multiple positions…” (477).

Brasseur’s argument is similar to Herndal’s – “… while traditional discourse models … may contribute to successful communication within an organization, they may also promote enculturation … which diminishes peoples’ voices…” (478).

That’s the extent of what I’m finding here. Brasseur does bridge this argument between Herndal and Berkenkotter, whom looks at this issue of enculturation from (for me) a more material and tangible perspective – that of the physical information product (re)produced by the technical communicator.

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