Wednesday, July 2, 2008

before the sillyness

I took a vacation day, mostly to spend some time with S. But he had a buddy spend the night, which meant that he'd be sleeping in this morning. So before catching up on some reading, I drove up to the Oneida River at about 0630. I set up just below the Caughdenoy dam. It was open and the water was running too hard. Some folks don't mind water moving that fast. I find that I'm fighting the water and not paying attention to the feel of the line.

I moved east above the dam. Slower water, but nothing but a few random nibbles. Back down on the canal (the Anthony cut that runs west out of the lake below the river) the water was glassy, the morning air was cool, and the fishing sucked. Choice morning though. There's a slim chance I can get back up there tonight. Those fish, they ain't going anywhere.

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