Sunday, January 13, 2008

here we go again again

Louise has been incredibly patient with me on the second half of the major exam. I'm praying her patience does not run out.

Question 2
Technical Communication and Composition both emphasize initiating students into disciplinary practices. Writing course curricula outcomes is one place where these emphases are often articulated. Beginning with a hypothetical (or sample) set of upper-division writing course outcome statements as a framework, how does Composition and Technical scholarship advocate appropriate curricula and pedagogical approaches to prepare students for disciplinary practices? What similarities, differences, and tensions exist among these approaches? What are the various claims about what students should be able to do upon graduation? It will be necessary to locate specific scholars and arguments within this range of claims. How are arguments advocating writing instruction in non-textual areas, such as visual rhetoric and technology skills, shaping disciplinary practice debates in Composition and Technical Communication?

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